New Approach to Process Gas Compression

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Hijet Compression Systems are a simpler, safer and more economical approach to gas compression

Hijet Process Gas Compression System

Systems capabilities :

  • Suction pressure - starting from 200 mmHg (from 0.3 to 28 bara),
  • Discharge pressure - up to 500 psig (from 1 to 35 bara) with single Hijector™,
  • Capacity - up to 5,000 ft3/min with single Hijector™,
  • Compression ratio - from 1.02 to 30 with single Hijector™.

Main features :

  • high reliability - long term operation without maintenance,
  • wide range of suction and discharge pressure,
  • high compression ratios and high gas capacity provided with a single device,
  • use of available process liquids as the motive liquid,
  • compressor and a chemical reactor provided within a single device (e.g. in flare gas recovery applications).

Advantages over Mechanical Devices :

  • No moving parts,
  • No metal-to-metal contact points,
  • No anti-surge protection,
  • No critical speed concerns,
  • No vibration related shutdowns,
  • No seal leaks - No lube oil skid,
  • No pulsation - Continuous flow,
  • No Process contamination - Oil Free Operation,
  • No problems with nasty gases.

We continuously improve our compression systems, creating state-of-the-art units for operation in a continuously expanding array of industries and applications.

Hijet Compression Systems most suitable for :

  • Sour Gas,
  • Hydrogen,
  • Refinery Off Gas,
  • Dirty Gas,
  • Corrosive Gas,
  • Polymerizing Gas,
  • Petrochemical Off Gas,
  • Coke Oven Gas,
  • Oxygen

Hijet Compression Systems applications :

  • Vacuum Distillation Unit Off gas compression,
  • Crude Distillation Unit Overhead gas compression,
  • Membrane Hydrogen Recovery,
  • Flare Gas Recovery,
  • Vent Gas Recovery,
  • H2S scrubbing ,
  • Associated gas recovery
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