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Hijet Process Vacuum System on a Skid

Hijet Engineering Ltd develops and manufactures innovative, high-performance vacuum systems, based on the Hijector, for all segments of the process industry.

The area of process vacuum is one of the overlooked opportunities for energy efficiency, environmental improvement and cost reduction.

Hijet Vacuum Systems capabilities :

  • pull vacuum down to 1 mmHg (single Hijector) and discharge at atmospheric pressure,
  • discharge the off-gas to 450 psig (single Hijector).

Hijet Vacuum Systems are ideal for vacuum processes, such as rectification, distillation, degassing, polymerization, crystallization deodorization, flash cooling, vacuum drying, evaporation and many others.

Key features of Hijet Vacuum Systems :

  • Possibility to use process fluids available in particular technological cycle as a motive liquid for Hijectors (for example LVGO fraction of a vacuum tower etc.),
  • No need to purify the motive liquid circulating in a closed loop,
  • Possibility to use motive fluids absorbing some ejected components,
  • Higher efficiency in comparison with liquid-ring vacuum pumps and steam ejectors at low suction pressures

Hijet Vacuum Systems are supplied in various configurations from single-stage to multi-stage.

One Stage Liquid Jet Ejector System Two Stage Liquid Jet Ejector System

Refineries and chemical plants having stringent environmental legislation surrounding their operation will benefit the most from using the Hijet Vacuum Systems

Advantages over Steam Ejectors and LRVP:

  • Unmatched reliability long term trouble-free continuous operation,
  • Higher efficiency in comparison with liquid-ring vacuum pumps and steam ejectors at low suction pressures,
  • Unaffected by problems related to steam ejectors, e.g. variations in motive steam quality, pressure & temperature,
  • No steam consumption,
  • Reduced cooling water requirement,
  • Reduced fouling,
  • High corrosion resistance,
  • Low maintenance costs,
  • Easy start-up and shutdown,
  • Do not produce any waste substances such as H2S that need to be treated or disposed,
  • Lower total cost of ownership
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