New Approach to Process Gas Compression

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Hijet Engineering Ltd is dedicated to providing Compression and Vacuum systems which offer the optimum in efficiency, reliability and cost.
We strive to offer to our customers solutions with the best long term value of ownership and help to conserve the environment while improving the bottom line.

Hijet systems currently represent the breakthrough in gas pumping technologies while offering additional process benefits. Their proprietary design ensures efficiencies consistent with today's demanding requirements. Due to the high compression ratio capability, the modern liquid jet ejector - the Hijector™ simplifies most vacuum and compression systems and reduces total cost of ownership.

Environmental opportunities
Refineries and chemical plants having stringent environmental legislation surrounding their operation will benefit the most from using this technology.
The choice of motive liquid gives process designers new possibilities in processing gases and vapors during compression.

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Hijet Liquid Jet Ejector Process Vacuum System Installation at API Oil Refinery, Ancona, Italy
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