New Approach to Process Gas Compression

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Hijet Systems attract specialists attention in various engineering areas like oil and gas production and refining, food-processing industry, power generation, plastic and synthetic fibers industry, etc.

Hijector™ can be utilised in vacuum or compressor units in any application including those where they perform in combination with other devices.

Hijet Systems can work with air, vapors or gases of any composition. Use of appropriate motive liquid suits them even for handling vent gases containing chlorine, VCM or other toxic or highly corrosive substances while still maintaining integrity of operating and maintenance safety protocols.

The capability of Hijet Systems to be used for scrubbing as well as compression and vacuum goes a long way towards assuring environmental compliance and the good will of surrounding communities.

3D Model of Complete Liquid Jet Ejector System

On this page you can find a survey of several successfully implemented Hijector™ applications.


Flare Gas Recovery

Case study 1: Chevron ElSegundo Refinery

Off-Gas Recovery

Case study 2: Shell Gothenburg Refinery

Tail Gas Compressors

Case study 3: Mazeikiu NAFTA Refinery
Case study 4: Esso Augusta Refinery


Vacuum Distillation Units

Case study 5: SINOPEC Tahe Refinery
Case study 6: API Ancona Refinery
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